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Web Development - Alamo Conservation Management System

This project is about making a web management system

Improved a web-based conservation system, redesigned the database and provided user behavior support

Technology: MongoDB, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, UX

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Web Development - Stock Monitor

Implemented a stock monitor website to provide real-time stock information searching service

Technology: Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Jenkins, MySQL, Google App Engine, Docker, D3

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Distributed System

Analyzed CRM data to detect potential losing customers using map-reduce functions on Hadoop

About Me

A software engineer, have background in (Business) Information System and business intelligence. Played with several Java and Python frameworks for web service, have experience in full-stack development.

5 years' training in Algorithms. Another 5 years experiences in projects. Lots of projects in front-end development using javascript and d3, back-end including database modeling and data manipulation. 3 years' experience in data science, including data analyst and business intelligence platform building.


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